Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Seal is awarded to solutions that meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability, through a strict evaluation of the following criteria:

1. Technological feasibility
2. Environmental and socioeconomic benefit
3. Profitability

Aventum Plasma Gasification


Can produce energy or chemical feedstocks, such as methanol or hydrogen.

Zero emissions according to European Best Available Technologies.

CO2 emissions are reduced by 400%, compared to incineration.


3 years’ less payback time than incineration.

20% less OPEX than incineration.

IRR over 15%, even for small plants.

Urban Conectum®


In a population of 11,000 inhabitants, savings of 19.2 MWh/year can be gained compared to the use of the ultrasonic sensor.

2,800 environmental parameters detectable per day (1,600 with the use of the ultrasonic sensor).

35% reduction in GHG emissions from waste collection.

Avoid the production of 6 kg of toxic and dangerous waste every 3 years.​

Saving electricity reduces CO2 emissions by 5,400 tons per year.


Up to 45% savings on the cost of garbage collection.

Up to 30% savings on the cost of street cleaning.