Solutions in sustainability and connectivity


We believe in the opportunity behind every waste product and in the potential of the Smart Cities ecosystem.

We are a Madrid-based engineering and consulting company with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in connectivity and cutting-edge technologies for the treatment of all types of waste.


We handle comprehensive waste management using leading technologies, such as Plasma, Biogas, Biomethane or G-Tech for wastewater treatment


At Aventum we have developed and patented Conectum®, a device installed on streetlights to deploy telecommunications networks, sensors and applications for Smart Cities.

A solution for every client

We work with widely experienced technology partners, enabling us to provide each client with solvent, robust and of-the-art solutions. Thanks to our technical support, we monitor projects ranging from consulting to implementation and maintenance.


Success stories

The key to our success is our commitment to sustainability and connectivity

One of the first Biogas plants in Europe, operating since 2020 in Italy and fed 100% by Alpeorujo.
Two twin plasma conversion plants for the destruction of hazardous waste containing PCBs.
G-Tech-Barcellona P.G.
In Barcellona P.G. Enlargement of the plant’s capacity from 25.000 to 114.000 habitants without increasing the land.
Belver de los Montes
Conectum pilot test in this municipality of Zamora.
Bejar’s Port
Conectum pilot test in this municipality of Salamanca.
Conectum pilot test in this municipality of Salamanca.


Beyond The Waste

Biogas is a natural gaseous fuel. It is obtained by anaerobic digestion, as a product of the fermentation of substances of organic origin, both animal and vegetable, by means of bacteria, inside special digesters.

It is transformed into electricity and thermal energy, through cogeneration plants, or into Biomethane in Biogas improvement plants that are used directly to replace fossil methane.

In a plasma conversion treatment plant, all types of waste can be treated, from MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) to hospital and hazardous waste. Each installation is designed and built for the conversion of a specific type of waste, and the subsequent application of the synthesis gas (methanol, hydrogen and electricity).


Conectum provides a platform for the deployment of telecommunications and sensor networks. For example 5 G, internet in populations where the deployment of fiber is not profitable.

Through a radio link or “air fiber” quality internet is taken to a point in the municipality or in the area of ​​Heritage protection. From this a quality WIFI network is deployed (speed 100 Mbps). As many Conectum® can be installed as necessary to expand the size of the network.